Who says a salad has to be just lettuce? All of the greens in this salad are tons of fresh herbs (literally more than 2:1 herbs to noods). The multitude of textures—crunchy, slippery, and crispy—make each bite more enjoyable than the next, all coated with a zingy sauce packed with bold flavors like garlic, fish sauce, and red jalapeños (which can be a little spicier than the younger green ones). If you have the time, try making your own crispy shallots. You can buy a tub of them at your local Asian market, but the homemade ones are thinner, crispier, and can be made in the microwave—no deep-frying required—so you can eat them by the handful before topping your salad. So, yeah, maybe make a double batch… and buy some mints because you’ll have onion-y breath for dayyyys. Worth it!