I’m tired. Truly, at the end of the day, I want something hearty and easy, something that makes me appear to be…not so tired…to my family and friends.

With this recipe, we are using our tried-and-true herb garlic compound butter (the same as the sheet pan salmon) on my favorite piece of meat on the planet – chicken thighs. Yes, they take longer to cook than chicken breasts, but they’re also juicier and absorb way more of the flavor of anything they’re bathed in.

The dish itself takes about 10 minutes to prep if you have a mandolin slicer  for your thinly (but not paper thin) sliced red potatoes and exactly one hour of bake time to get to the perfect internal chicken temp of 165 degrees. If you like a crispier skin, you can even broil it for a couple minutes after. Just DON’T WALK AWAY LIKE I ALWAYS DO.

You don’t need to baby this dish or check on it; maybe just tilt your cast iron (use an oven mitt for that hot handle!) once or twice during the baking process to spoon some of that juicy goodness on top of both the potatoes and chicken.