It’s time to stop the (carb) madness and eat something leafy, something juicy, something lemony, something, dare I say….HEALTHY? If you’re feeling like me, try this tomato and avo salad. It’s refreshing and really satisfying, not to mention is super easy to assemble. I call for cherry tomatoes here (which you shouldn’t keep in the fridge!) but if you can’t find those, vine-ripened work just fine. Same goes for the nuts: the pecans can be swapped for walnuts, pine nuts, really whatever you’ve got. Pro tip: if you can only find rock-hard avocados at the grocery store, pop them into a paper bag, fold it over, and within 24 hours they should be in edible territory. What really makes this salad, though, is the tart and sweet lemony dressing. I like the salad lightly coated, but by all means dress to your heart’s content!