I don’t know that much about ASMR, but listening to a bubbling pot of stew is a great way to relax. I like a classic beef stew like French beef bourguignon, but I wanted to put a new twist on it to make things a little spicier and interesting. Enter: beef bourguignjang, made with spicy Korean gochujang, aka hot red chile paste, common in stews like kimchi-jjigae and stir-fried rice cakes called tteokbokki. It’s super thick, crimson red, and made of gochugaru (red chile pepper flakes), fermented soybeans (kinda like miso, super umami), salt, and glutinous rice (aka sticky rice). The sticky rice actually adds an underlying sweetness to the paste, so it’s not super IN-YOUR-FACE spicy. Adding it to a slow-simmered beef stew brings extra depth of flavor, the right amount of spiciness, umami, and a bright red color. Once you have a tub (I like Chung Jung One, which is about $5 at an Asian grocery store and $8 on Amazon), use a little in your stir-fries, salad dressings, on roasted vegetables, or anything that needs a little more oomph.