It happened late one night, as many of the best things that come out of Chrissy’s kitchen do. Chrissy was hungry. We had a giant pile of California’s finest greens (dinosaur kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and some others we never quite managed to identify in our weekly farm box from Chrissy’s pals at Flamingo Estate). And so what Chrissy soon christened (Chrissy-ened?) Adeena’s Greenas was born. I stripped leaves from their stems, rolled and cut into sauté-ready ribbons, trimmed and halved green beans, then grabbed an amount of peeled garlic cloves out of Pepper’s 5-pound (NO JOKE) bag that many would consider TOO MUCH. But not us! Never too much garlic! Everything cooked quickly until softened, slightly crisped, and with just a tiny bit of char on the wilted greens.

Next—the flavorings! We played with fish sauce (duh), soy sauce, salt, and Momofuku’s Chili Crunch (any type of chili crisp or chili oil works), but the sky’s the limit. Then crowning glory time: six-minute soft-boiled eggs that are a go-to breakfast for us; filling and hearty, yet somehow light at the same time. If you’re going to spend money on “quality” eggs, this is the time for organic and pasture-raised eggs. They tend to have vibrant golden or orange yolks and make for a very pretty eating experience. I know $6 can seem like a lot for a dozen eggies, but two eggs x 50 cents = $1, a small price to pay to turn veggies into a meal. Place them on top of the pile of greens and the eater can decide when to break them open for the big yolk reveal. Now go make these any time of day or night and send us your pics!