…dollar sign intended. I know this ain’t cheap, but if you can find fresh lobster, it’s hard to create a dip more satisfying. Crab meat would also make for a fantastic alternative to this – sometimes I even prefer crab. That’s a lie. I actually always prefer crab over lobster, but that’s me. According to my Twitter poll, 70% of you prefer lobster over crab. I think you are bonkers. I know lobster has a prestigious reputation and all but purely speaking on behalf of my tastebuds, we much prefer the salty decadence that is crab. Anyhoo, I’ve found the perfect 3-cheese ratio to make sure your lobster (or crab, or fake lobster, or fake crab) flourishes rather than drowns flavor-wise. I used 6 small, individual-sized gratins to bake, but you can use any shallow baking dish. Have your crackers ready (I prefer Ritz or a kettle-cooked potato chip) because once you see this baby bubbling over, you’ll wanna be prepared.