Chrissy's Go-To Santoku Knife


If you only buy one knife for your kitchen, make it santuko-style. This multipurpose essential is Chrissy's go-to for prep—the blade slices tomatoes, dices onions, and carves everything from meat and fish to hard cheeses with ease. Inspired by Japanese kitchen knives, you'll have this stainless steel and organic ashwood tool in your kitchen for years.



  • The serrated 7-inch blade makes slicing and dicing a breeze
  • Gorgeous ashwood handle pretty enough to take to the dining table
  • This do-it-all knife is saves space in smaller kitchens

Santuko Knife Superpowers

In Japanese, santuko means "three uses" or "three virtues"—a.k.a. chopping, dicing, and mincing. We use ours for waaaay more than just prepping veggies, but getting good at these three foundational cuts is an easy way to level up your knife skills. Use your Santoku for cutting meat (but not bones), chopping and dicing fruits and veggies, mincing herbs, and delicate knife work—the sharp blade is ideal for precision cuts (hello, hasselback potatoes).

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