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Chrissy's Favorite Cookbooks

Chrissy's Favorite Cookbooks

You may have noticed on Instagram or Twitter that I have a huge shelf of cookbooks in my kitchen. They hold SO many memories - from traveling through Thailand to all of our good times in New York. They spark so much joy, Marie Kondo would be proud. Though it was like choosing between favorite children, these are my top 5 cookbooks. Of course, I've got so many more go-to's, but you've gotta start somewhere, so I chose the ones I turn to again and again...I promise, I'll do this again soon!


Chrissy's Favorite Cookbooks




Momofuku is part memoir, part cookbook—David Chang relays the tales and mishaps of his unwitting, lightning-fast rise to chef superstardom with wit, candor, and Momofuku's best recipes (including the ramen and pork buns.)

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