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Question: Will Pepper be showing us how to make Guay Tiew (I think they’re called Boat noodles ?!) they are my favourite comfort food and have wanting to know how to make this for SO long. Please help! X

She certainly CAN if that’s what you want, Danielle! I love boat noodles too – at the end of the week we usually have a little noodle bar set up around the stovetop. Mom will put out bowls of dried noodle options to pick from (I love glass noodles and rice noodles), different meats (thinly sliced beef and whole meatballs) and a ton of different fridge-cleanout vegetables – bok choi, canned baby corn, cabbage, broccolini, etc. We have been making a more clear chicken based broth lately that I will post soon but will work on developing an awesomely deep dark boat noodle broth for you, too!

chrissy teigen

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