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Question: Where do you and John go when you have date nights in LA?? I need new idea for when we are (kid free!!) dining out #AskChrissy 🙏

Hi Kristen!
John LOVES a date night. And I LOVE staying home. But every once in a while, I throw him a bone. We have a few places we love going to:

Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. Dark, yet lively vibes. The food is incredible. They give you a polenta bite at the beginning that I have yet to be able to recreate. I always get the sweet corn agnolotti, tiny morsels of homemade pasta, filled with sweet filling and covered in a buttery truffle sauce. This might be one of my favorite dishes in the world. They always have a TON of specials, so make sure to listen carefully!

Via Veneto, also Santa Monica. A tiny, romantic little spot, much more low-key than Baldi. I LOVE the porcini risotto there.

Spago. The tuna cones are incredible. Then maybe a classic Wolfgang smoked salmon pizza. Oh baby.

Jon and Vinny’s. Sensing an Italian theme here? Much more casual vibes, but really fun. Wine room in the back, so make sure to pick something while you wait for your table. EVERYTHING here is good, and the menu changes often.

Madeo. Back to fancy but not stuffy! The langoustines are crazy good. And the spaghetti Madeo. Trust me here.

Korean BBQ. We love Quarters in K-town. Very casual, fun, communal tables. Grill your own meats – go for the beef kalbi and any of the drinks. They’re strong!

For ultra splurge, a meal to NEVER forget, Vespertine in Culver City. It’s unreal. I don’t even wanna explain it too much. Lots of courses, lots of imagination but everything truly delicious.

Burrito? La Esquela. BYOB.

N/Naka, Culver City. Just watch the “Chef’s Table” on it.

And I haven’t been yet but I’m dying to try Bavel downtown. I have only heard incredible things about it!!

I could go on forever here.

chrissy teigen

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