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Question: What’s your “I’m starving, John’s starving, the kids are starving, what can I whip up in like 5 minutes” meal.

Hi Amanda!
5 minutes!?!? I can’t even get through a drive-thru in 5 minutes! If we are talking something not frozen or canned, I’m gonna request a tiny bit more time and recommend one of my personal favorite types of meals: the sheet pan meal. Everything on one baking sheet, cooking at the same time and temperature meaning just one thing to watch and just a few things to clean!

Salmon is an amazing weeknight recipe. It cooks quickly and is pretty hard to eff up, and self proclaimed fish-haters always seem to be okay with salmon. It doesn’t need much to be great – a little rub of any combo of mustard, minced garlic, lemon and olive oil is always a winner. I would also toss in some asparagus and plate it over rice. Oh baby. Here’s something I made just for you: Garlic Butter Sheet Pan Salmon.

chrissy teigen

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