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Ask Chrissy!

Question: What is your guilty pleasure food that you normally wouldn’t tell anyone you like or eat? Example…I love a good salad without the salad…. croutons, bacon bits, onions and dressing.

SALAD WITHOUT THE SALAD??? This is actually genius. We all order a salad just for those things anyhow – I like how you’re just expediting this process.

Hmmmm, I’m pretty open about the weird stuff I like to eat! I like to dip pork rinds into spicy shrimp paste for some sort of asian street tough surf and turf. I also don’t like the taste of alcohol so I will grab the anything, anything near me to chase it with, even after one sip. Peperoncinis, blueberries, soda, ham, anything.

Oh. I also have a sick love of A1 sauce. If I have one bite of steak left, I will dip it into A1 sauce and suck it off, over and over and over again until the meat is rendered useless.

I think I’ll stop there.


chrissy teigen

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