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Question: I want every single item from your line at Target, but I live in a tiny ass apartment that has an even more tiny ass kitchen. I am very limited on space so I can only purchase one item….maybe two. What do you recommend I purchase that I can use for multiple cooking purposes? Thanks!

Hands down my everyday cast-iron skillet. It’s larger than your average pan, but it serves a million purposes: roasting pan for a chicken, grill pan for burgers, pancake griddle, stir-frying – there is literally nothing it can’t do! You should also pick up the nonstick baking sheet. You can make biscuits on there, cook bacon in the oven, make a sheet-pan dinner, or roast every veggie under the sun. It is so slippery and nonstick that it’s super easy to clean – scout’s honor!

chrissy teigen

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