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Question: I have a question, I’m Autistic and want to start dating and have a harder time because I’m shy and not talkative with people I don’t know. I’ve used several types of apps, but most are fake/spam accounts and it makes me feel depressed not talking with real people.

Hi Chris!
First of all, you sound like a wonderful human. I hear about that a lot with dating apps. A lot of my friends are on them, and I love to scroll through their profiles and matches but I will say, it seems significantly harder to be a male on them than a female. You are completely flooooooded with spam accounts. Women, we don’t get sexy man bots. Anyhoo, would you believe I am super shy in real-life too? I think that’s why I feel most comfortable and most like myself online. I love to be alone, love quiet. I don’t think you should think of shy as being a negative thing, nor should you get down on yourself for the dating process. It’s not an easy thing, finding your person. I promise she will come along when you least expect it.

chrissy teigen

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