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Question: Hi, Chrissy!I love the site so much! It’s like having your cookbooks in my pocket at all time. I have 2 questions:1. When a recipe calls for butter, is the default salted? I’ve been using that, but the clarified butter also calls for salt, so I skip it. 2. Do you think there will be an app version of the site? I rarely download them for my phone, but this one would get VIP front screen status!

That makes me so happy to hear!

Butter always means unsalted, since adding more salt in the end is always easier than taking it away! But honestly for things like mashed potatoes or other dishes I know can take it, I use whatever butter I have on hand, whether it be salted, unsalted, or a mix of both. It’s such a minimal difference but I’m sure we are all well aware that this website and I are both HUGE fans of salt.

I’m not sure there has ever been a time where I used salted and thought it was too salty in the end. But it’s a safe move to always use unsalted and season at the end 🙂

I would love an app one day! But this little puppy is hard enough for me to handle right now!! <3

chrissy teigen

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