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Question: Hi, Chrissy! Whenever I need to buy olive oil I end up standing in the grocery aisle staring at my phone trying to figure out what the F the difference is between them all. EVOO, VOO, just OO? Is there a light too? I saw that you get fancy adopted olive tree oil from Tuscany, but what can I grab off the shelf that would be good for cooking on the stovetop, tossing with veggies in the oven, and mixing in with some sauces? Does this magical oil unicorn exist or do I need to just throw out some shoes and make room in my tiny NYC apartment for more oils? (yes, there are shoe cabinets in my kitchen)

Olive oil’s quality is measured by its acidity; the lower the acidity, the more “extra virgin” it is. You can use extra virgin oil for all kinds of cooking where olive oil is called for, but if it has a really strong flavor – grassy, peppery, etc – save it for drizzling on veggies or salads. Use the less-virgin oil for cooking and sauces.

chrissy teigen

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