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Question: Food and work related – I work in an office with a small kitchen in the back, and people burn food daily. Bagels, toast, pizza, popcorn. How do I deal? There’s sings posted in the kitchen and so many people complained an email just went out-but the burning persists!!

Hi Michele!
Is it the burnt food that’s bothering you, or the smell of what is being cooked (and then subsequently burnt)?

I hear many tales of the office kitchen. They actually fascinate me. Every time I get to go visit a friend at work or my agency, I love making a break for the break room, itching to find passive aggressive signs of any kind. One time I saw a sign that said, “The only fish that can enter this room are goldfish crackers.”

Listen. I’m a stinky food girl. My favorite foods, they stink. But I’m also hyper aware of those around me. I would never heat this stuff in the office kitchen, but if they’re just flat or burning things, I think it’s fair to tell people the break room and kitchen is a shared space please be respectful of people’s noses. I’d even offer to heat up someone’s food myself if they were busy on a call or offer a passive aggressive class on how to not burn things, where you simply just uhhhhh do not stop watching it until it’s done.

Or create your own Burn Book where when they burn something, they take a shame Polaroid with the burnt object and donate 20 dollars to charity. This is def what I would do.

chrissy teigen

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