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4 days ago
Question: Do you have a recipe for cooking a whole fish? I have a branzino in my fridge, just curious if you had suggestions.Be safe!!!

My go-to perfect dinner is a whole roasted branzino. There was a time when I’d eat an entire fish by myself every. single. night… and I’m still not sick of it. Mom will cover it in olive oil, stuff it with rosemary, lemon, sage and thyme and then coooover it with garlic. So simple, but so good! Make sure to buy it clean/descaled if possible, will make things much easier! (If you can’t find rosemary, sage, or lemons, feel free to use any fresh herbs you like, or even sprinkle the cavity of the fish with about ½ teaspoon dried herbs, and you can use a lime instead of a lemon!)

chrissy teigen

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