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Question: Chrissy, do you know what to do to avoid pasta sticking together when 
cooking? I’ve noticed sometimes when I am preparing the pasta that it would 
stick. I am not sure why, because I always add some olive oil and salt to the 
water. Any ideas?

To avoid the sticks, make sure you’re cooking your pasta in enough water so it has room to roam free and boil without having to share a proverbial twin-sized bed with other pieces of pasta. Also, during the first few minutes, make sure to stir the pasta a lot so that it releases its initial starches right into the water, not onto other pieces of pasta. P.S. – the oil is more important after the pasta is strained – you can even add like a teaspoon onto the strained right into the strainer and toss it – this should solve your problem!

chrissy teigen

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