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chrissy teigen

Introducing my new baby 😩😩😩 I’ve been spending a ton (and I mean a ton) of time getting ready for you (I had a lot of homework!!). There's been a lot of testing and tasting and testing and tasting...and testing and tasting to make sure that these recipes are "Cravings #goalsssss." Don't worry, I made sure everything is pretty but not too perfect (because let's be honest sometimes tasty = messy!!). You'll finally get to see more in depth travel/cooking videos and all the behind the scenes stuff, so welcome to the somewhat crazy Teigen/Legend family. It's taken me a bit to get here, but I'm so so excited for you all to see what I've been working on!

I want this to be the place you come to for cooking inspiration, for a restaurant recommendation from my travels (because I just knew that the pasta baby in my belly had a higher purpose), to confirm that Pepper really does hack a papaya straight into the bowl with Dexter-level precision, and really anything else you've been curious about. We’ve got recipes! Tips! Videos! Answers to those burning hot Twitter questions! And a lot more…

So grab a drink, turn on some Housewives, and let's cook, talk, do all the things…I hope you enjoy!!

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