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2 weeks ago
Can I use something other than sour cream or yogurt for the feta dip?

I am looking all over for the Parmesan dip you made the other day. I’ve bought all the ingredients but can find measurements anywhere. I even went and bought a cast iron skillet haha

Pizza Dip

Never have so few ingredients yielded so much flavor.

#dip #easy #pizza #quick #side
3-Cheese Lobster Artichoke Dip

Gruyère ensures you’re not covering up the flavor that is fresh lob$ter

#3-cheese #artichoke #fish #lobster #seafood
Pepper cutting fruit
Pepper’s Corner: Spicy Salt & Sugar Dip for Fruit

Allow me to introduce you to “Pepper’s Corner”, a series of videos where she’ll share all of the tricks up her sleeve in the kitchen.

The (Asian) Sauces Mom Can’t Live Without

From the deep, dark cave that is Pepper’s Pantry comes…our favorite Asian sauces!

chrissy and john
This is a long quote

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New York map drawing
Chrissy’s Guide to N.Y. Restaurants

I may live in LA, but NY will always be my “home.” I’m letting you know about all my hole-in-the-walls and not so hole-in-the-walls. Enjoy for me and let me live vicariously through you!

Chrissy’s Guide to L.A. Restaurants

I’m a well-known homebody (especially in LA), so you know if I’m leaving the house it’s for something good. Here’s all the places that I will get out of my robe for.

Chrissy eating ham drawing

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