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2 weeks ago
John’s macaroni bake refers to grated cheese. Can bags of shredded cheeses be used just as easy? PS love you site ❤️

Easiest Broc & Cheese Calzones

Frozen broccoli, you were made for this job.

#broccoli #cheeseygoodness #easy #quick #vegetarian
Mac n cheese

I repeat, everything was EDIBLE!!! I didn’t want photoshopped dishes – everything was real!

John’s Macaroni & Cheese

OK, I’ll admit it, it’s good.

#cheeseygoodness #john #macaroni #macncheese
brussel sprouts
Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Cranberries, Walnuts, and Blue Cheese

Honey-balsamic glaze’s food dictionary synonym: Amazing.

#bacon #bluecheese #brusselsprouts #cranberries #sidedish #walnuts
So I know you are a Pump Rules fan & I am too. I am already anticipating the new season in January and like any important life event I need a snack recommendation to celebrate the premiere with from you! Whether it’s a Kentucky Muffin or your spin on a Goat Cheese Ball, I need your expertise!

Twice Baked, Two Cheese Potatoes
Twice Baked, Two Cheese Potatoes

The comfiest of comfort foods, but with a secret (Asian) ingredient.

#boursin #cheesy #potatoes #secret-ingredient #twice-baked
3-Cheese Lobster Artichoke Dip

Gruyère ensures you’re not covering up the flavor that is fresh lob$ter

#3-cheese #artichoke #fish #lobster #seafood
Eating My Way Through East L.A.

Happy “Treat Yo Self” day to me!

The family making pasta
Trip to Italy

Italy is such a special place for John and I; it’s where we fell in love, where we got married and, most importantly, where I filmed my “Four Weddings” parody. If you watched it, I apologize.

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