No disrespect to toast, but sometimes we prefer tender-crisp grilled asparagus as the bed for a perfect sunny egg. And grilling isn't just for summer—you can grill all year with our nonstick grill pan!
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Chrissy's Go-To Apron
Chrissy definitely makes a mess of this cream-colored apron, but luckily it's easy to toss in the washing machine when it's covered in sweet chili sauce, bits of noodles, and banana bread batter. This color can work for anyone—not just the Chrissys in your life. The upper pocket is juuust the right size to tuck your phone, and the lower pockets are deeper for tucking a towel in for easy counter cleanup or if Sebastian the bearded dragon wants to take a joy ride.
Great For:
Gambas Al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp)
A little spicy, a lot garlicky, and–surprise!—made with John’s rosé.
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The Everyday Linen Robe
Meet your every day, every season robe. It's simple yet chic, and Chrissy loved this one immediately because of the nice way it drapes on the body and its calming neutral tones. Of course, if one of the three nudes isn't your thing, there are pops of color with pink or teal. So put one on, order takeout, run a hot bubble bath and chill out. P.S. The belt is attached (no loops needed) at the back so you don't have to worry about losing the tie when you get into full chill mode.
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