Cravings | The Stir-Anything Wooden Utensil Set

The Stir-Anything Wooden Utensil Set


Grab the slotted spoon to stir and al dente-test pasta, the spatula for slicing and serving quiche and crumbles, and the spoon for everything else. Carved from olive wood that ages beautifully, these utensils also level up a tablescape—use them for serving salad, spicy slaw, and spaghetti.

Olive wood has a natural oil finish, for stain resistance, a little shine and a lot of use. 
Use the flat, spatula-style utensil to divvy and serve quiche, brownies, berry crumbles and other treats best served warm.

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Why a Wooden Spatula is the Secret to Sheet-Pan Success

The best part about a sheet-pan dinner is the crispy bits that stick to the pan and take on whatever salty, spicy, or earthy flavors you're working with. The key to catching the crispies before they overchar is to sneak in with a wooden spatula-style turner about 5-7 minutes before your dinner is done. Give a toss to loosen up the savory onion slivers and teeny hyper-seasoned broccoli bits before they start sticking to the pan, mix them in with the meal, and pop them back in the oven for a little more roasting.