Cravings | The Fresh Plate 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

The Fresh Plate 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

This cream-colored stoneware has a minimal profile that mixes and matches with your existing serveware beautifully, and looks everyday-fancy on any table. With all the essentials for a well-set table—dinner plates, dessert plates, and cereal bowls for four people—The Fresh Plate is the perfect canvas for showing off your kitchen creations!
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Colorful Accents + Neutral Dinnerware = Tablescape Success

  • Balance solid, natural hues with bright linens, mix-and-match napkins, and shiny silverware.
  • Bring in pops of color with vases, florals, candles—even fruit!
  • Give food a bright finish with fresh green herbs, colorful fruits and veggies (we love watermelon radishes!), and edible flowers."